1. Work in progress..


  3. I was born feet first into the he-goat’s hands
    Eyes closed and screaming and drowning in dread
    Let me lift that weight from your shoulders
    I’ll lead you to water and make sure that you drown

    You’ll die alone I swear

    Now that I’m older the world’s looking brighter
    I’ve got some prospects and ideals and such
    As for a purpose? Well I’m told that that’s coming
    And keep being promised that enough is enough

    But I can’t shake this fucking sinking feeling
    That the shadow I cast is no different from any of yours

    I’d give anything to make it all stop
    I’d give anything to take it back
    Show me the dotted line
    I want the easy way out

  4. nicolexgoodwin:


    Thanks for making us look cool Nicole

  5. This is the reason I have never achieved anything in my entire life.

  7. Removalist lyrics..

  9. It’s been a while but I’ve started drawing again…

  10. This year will be interesting..