1. This year will be interesting..

  2. Here’s some garbage I intend to stick and poke tattoo on myself over the next few months, the sickle turned out okay, bring on the wolf….

  3. Poster for http://lifelairregretrecords.tumblr.com/

  4. Work in progress for my homies at LLR

  5. Here’s a poster I drew, took fucking ages.

    Check out my band www.removalist.bandcamp.com


  6. Listen: The He-Goat by Removalist

    My band’s demo is available for free

  7. View from the Rockerfeller Tower

    Here’s some photos I took while round the world. Shot on 35mm film with a Kiev 19

  8. My friends play in a power violence band called “Shit Weather”, there is a song where I swear that Tom yells “YOU’RE. SO. FUCKING. EUUUURRRRGGGGHHHAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” so here is an “artistic” rendition of that happening

  9. Ram dude. A4, coloured entirely with a fine liner

  10. A3, Coloured almost entirely with a fine liner